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VR right now is pretty amazing...but we are just 
getting started. The next five years, technologically and creatively, are really going to take this medium someplace we never imagined. 

John Carmack, Chief Technology Officer, Oculus

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Come and discover the exciting world of immersive technologies.

Let Bright Immersive show you the future and introduce you to a whole new world of evolving possibilities and opportunities for creators and artists — people just like you!

  • Discover how to bring to life to new worlds and characters

  • Give your IT and digital skills a boost

  • Understand what new opportunities immersive technologies are creating

  • Learn what you need to get started in the new immersive space

  • Explore future trends of digital immersive entertainment and arts, and what they may mean for audiences, professionals working in the  creative sector

Designed for creative people

We offer remote and in-person hands-on training workshops that are designed to help you discover and create content for the full - and growing - range of immersive technologies. 

We recognise that for creatively minded people, the typical approach to learning new digital skills can often be baffling, daunting and — dare we say it — a bit dull.

Our training and workshops offer accessible, supportive and collaborative opportunities
for creators and performers to tap into the potential of these new technologies.

We also partner with schools, colleges and  charities to provide bespoke workshops and built around a specific goal or need.

Our workshops can :

  • Help you understand the different types of immersive technologies and their uses.

  • Explain the tech and software required.

  • Show you how to use your existing skills to easily create immersive content and generate revenue.

  • Boost your IT skills, enhance your confidence around new tech and help you get ahead in your career.

Current Workshops

We offer three types of open workshops that take currently place at venues in locations across SW London / Surrey throughout the year. See Dates & Booking for details of upcoming workshops or read on to learn more about the topics. 

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Due to ongoing restrictions
we are not

at this time.

Our workshops range from an introductory one-day taster sessions through to two-day workshops focusing on more specialist areas of immersive content. More workshops and topics are planned.

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Bespoke workshops to meet your organisation's needs

We also offer bespoke workshops for organisations around the UK. If you are interested,  get in touch and we'd be happy to talk through your requirements and how Bright Immersive can meet them.

Art class with VR
1 Day

Introduction to VR/AR/MR/XR  for creatives

Join with fellow creatives as together we explore the growing range of opportunities virtual reality technologies are creating for artists.

Through games, exercises and discussion, you'll become  familiar with the main types of immersive technologies.

Virtual Reality Goggles
1 or 2 Day

The future of storytelling and performance

We'll take a closer look at what it takes to create a compelling immersive digital experience (VR & MR) and explore how immersive technologies are challenging 
traditional storytelling practices and conventions.

We'll also explore the new opportunities immersive is creating for writers, directors and performers.

VR Headset
2 Day

Create your first VR experience

Let bright immersive guide you through the steps of creating your first VR experience. 

With a focus on accessibility, this workshop will take you through the various elements of creating a fully-immersive VR experience (not video game); from designing a narrative structure to scoping out new worlds and characters.

Workshops are priced according to the topic, duration and venue.  Visit Dates & Book for full details of pricing and workshop content. 


All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions