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Web-based augmented reality (WebAR) is arguably the easiest and most accessible way to give your audiences a rich digital experience in their real-world surroundings.

Bright Immersive AR experience blend digital creativity, storytelling techniques and a deep understanding of audiences, to create magical WebAR moments and content that can engage audiences to secure their undivided attention - that's rare to find these days! 

Plus, your Bright Immersive WebAR experience can integrate with and offer a cost-effective way to enrich your website, email campaigns, business reports or other marketing materials.

It's as simple as visiting a website; there's nothing to install or download.  

Some examples for you to try 

The best way to discover the potential of these tools is to have fun playing and testing them yourself. So, grab a smartphone follow the steps below. 


Bright Immersive used photogrammetry techniques, VR sculpting and WebAR to digitally bring to life the wildlife featured on a pedestrian subway mural in SW London.  

Apple device users scan the QR code below to view in Quick-Look AR


Android users click on the model. 

Bringing Street Art to Life

Experience this European Badger come to life in on your device by clicking on the model below (Android users) or scan the QR code with your Apple device.   


Bright Immersive New Year's WebAR Message

At the start of 2021, Bright Immersive sent website subscribers an uplifting New Year's Web AR experience to brighten everyone's January and re-connect with our audiences.


This experience used an on-screen AR marker which enabled recipients to see the special animated 3D experience via their devices.  Check it out below. 


1. Scan QR code with your device

2. Open web page and allow access to camera

3. Point camera at the marker on the right


Immy 'Twisting the Knight Away'

For a bit of fun, use the links below to download this test example, which uses motion capture data to bring life-like dancing movement to a 3D model of Bright Immersive's mascot - Immy the Immersive Cat. 

Please share with us, via our socials, any pics or video you take of Immy in action! 

  • Apple users, scan the QR code to view in Quick Look AR

  • Android users click on the 3D model view in AR



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