From education to entertainment, engineering to manufacturing, design and technology to marketing, hospitality and healthcare – immersive digital technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) - are changing the way we experience the world.

Our workshops offer people of all ages and from all backgrounds unique opportunities to discover these new technologies, to help people develop an essential blend of digital and creative / artistic skills essential to getting ahead.


Working with Schools, Colleges & Charities

Bridging the digital & creative skills gap

Many organisations are reporting a shortage of suitable candidates who have both creative and digital skills.

We believe the only way to bridge this skills gap is to work directly with educators - like you -to provide learners of all abilities and from different backgrounds with opportunities to be excited and inspired by these new technologies.

That's why we're working with schools, colleges and charities to:  

  • Offer on-site dedicated immersive technology workshops covering: digital storytelling techniques, 3D modelling, designing in VR, through to AR app design.

  • Enable you to access and use immersive experiences to supplement and enhance learning.

  • Help you to achieve a return on investment from, and offer expert advice on, any immersive tech you have purchased.

We're also proud to be an Arts Award Supporter (see below for more details).

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"We need to get ahead of the game and show how technology can be used to thrill and inform audiences"

Arts Council Annual Report 2019

What we offer

Delivered by a DBS-checked (see our Safeguarding Policy for full details) digital immersive industry expert, our fun and informative workshops take place at a site of your choice.

We use a high-end laptop, Oculus VR equipment, and 360-degree VR cameras, 360-degree viewers, portable green screen to offer flexible workshops that give participants a chance to create and share digital immersive experiences.

But our main goal is for your students to have a fun experience that will excite and inspire them. 

Our workshops are designed to meet your requirements of all levels of skill, experience and ability. They can also be tailored to align with any elements of a specific syllabus.

They are suitable for a wide range of students, from:

  • Key Stages 3 to 4 (age 11 through to 16)

  • Post-16s

  • Adult learners (as part of CPD)

  • Leadership teams

What our workshops cover

The immersive content industry requires a diverse range of creative and technical skills and this is reflected by the broad range of topics we offer, including:



  • 360 / VR video production (360 storytelling)

  • Designing and creating 3D models and scenes for immersive

  • Creating 3D models in Virtual Reality

  • Bringing the past or creatures to life using Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality and the immersive web

  • Unlocking the stories behind data using immersive tech (data visualisation)

  • Designing augmented Reality filters for social media (Facebook/Instagram/
    Snapchat, etc.)

(Arts &


  • Immersive storytelling

  • Performing for digital  immersive:  Performance capture and virtual production.

  • Theatrical pre-visualisation

  • Immersive tech for theatre - Performance & Design 

  • Immersive animation and storytelling.

  • Immersive digital art


  • Designing and creating for Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality

  • Designing and creating immersive content for Virtual Reality

  • Designing and creating for the immersive web

  • Introduction to photogrammetry and spatial computing

  • Marketing and communications with immersive tech

Our workshops can be booked as one to three-hour workshops or a full day.

We can also combined multiple workshops into a longer project, giving students opportunities to learn about and experience the full immersive workflow.


Or for a shorter taster experience, a three-hour session or full day session can be divided into individual one-hour sessions for different classes.


Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and obtain a quote. 

Call us on 020 3773 2998 or email.

> You don't always need a VR headset to create immersive experiences. The Immersive Web enables us to interact with 3D worlds and objects via a browser. Use your mouse to take a closer look at the statue above, which was captured in 3D using a smartphone. Take a look at our blog post to discover more about the growth of the immersive web

We can also help with:

Who we work with

We operate from Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey and specifically work with and support:

  • Innovative businesses and brands

  • Marketing communications professionals

  • ​Individual creators / artists / performers

  • Arts and culture organisations 

  • Schools, colleges, charities and societies that support digital skills education, culture and the arts.

  • Arts Award centres

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  • Grant applications

  • Secure on-line booking

  • Publicity / Social Media content about your workshop and activity (before and after)

  • Report write-up for your organisation's annual report or website


Proud to be an Arts Award Supporter!

Bright Immersive workshops offer a fun and modern way for creative young people to work towards achieving their Arts Award. We can partner with Arts Awards Centres across SE England and London, to offer unique opportunities for young artists to discover, use and create immersive art, while developing valuable digital skills crucial to their successful futures. 

Arts Award


Our workshops offer an accessible introduction to the most intuitive and versatile of all the Digital Arts – virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D design.

We will inspire participants by showing them the amazing possibilities immersive technologies offer artists and we will give them opportunities to create and share their own immersive artwork

Silver Arts Award

A Bright Immersive workshop is a great starting point for anyone looking to work on a Digital Project and use technology as part of the Arts Challenge component of the Silver Award. With our expert insight, we’ll help you get off to a flying start and signpost artists to helpful resources

Arts Award


Our workshops are an excellent opportunity to take part in an arts activity and to see how existing arts skills translate to the immersive space (such as sculpture) and discover how the latest technologies can be used to enhance many aspects of older artforms, such as storytelling and theatre.

Gold Arts Award

We can help the artists working towards their Gold Award to connect with others working in the digital immersive space as well as provide expert support to inspire students to experiment 
with new digital arts tools, and discover opportunities to showcase their work as part of the Arts Practice aspects of the award.

For more background on how we can support young people working towards an Art Award, check out this article on the The Voice website.

To talk about your Arts Award requirements, please call us on
020 3773 2998
 or email: 

What people say

Nicky - Arts Practioner & Drama Teacher

“The workshop made me think of the potential for using VR as a way of creating an empathetic experience.

"My time experiencing VR left a lasting impression on me and made me think that it would be great to have the

opportunity to design my own 3D stage set design.

"Ben was extremely knowledgeable and was a very good presenter of the material.

"I'd go on another course!"