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Communications Services

Bright Immersive has the expertise and insight to help your immersive content reach, excite and inspire new audiences and customers.

How bright immersive can help

Your digital immersive content has the potential to deliver a new, powerful and unique experience for others. 

So to reach, excite and engage the public, you're going to need an equally powerful and unique approach for your PR and stakeholder communications.   

This is where we can help.  


Discover more below or give us a call to discuss your requirements. 

We'll help you to tell your story

We love all all things immersive and with our proven PR & communications expertise and capabilities, technical knowledge and deep insight from the immersive tech industry, all blended with boundless creativity, we have what it takes to help ensure you reach, excite and inspire your target audiences and customers to achieve your desired goals.


bright immersive draws on many years' experience translating and transforming highly technical information into rich and engaging stories and content on behalf of a wide range of successful organisations, including:

  • Nottinghamshire Police

  • Atkins Plc (Engineering, architecture and design)

  • SAP (business software)

  • Esure Group Plc (FinTech)

  • DNEG (multi Academy Award-winning visual effects, animation and 3D
    conversion for Hollywood movies and TV)

Let's Talk!

To find out more about how bright immersive can help you reach, excite and inspire the public with regards to your XR journey or project, please get in touch.

bright immersive Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road,  London, N1 7GU 



Tel:  020 3773 2998

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