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Bright Immersive partners with innovative arts charity to run virtual reality workshops

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

We've teamed up with innovative arts charity The RC Sherriff Trust to give artists and performers in Surrey a unique chance to discover the cutting-edge world of Virtual Reality (VR).

The Trust, which works to advance the arts in the Surrey borough of Elmbridge, is running two VR workshops, delivered by Bright Immersive, this autumn as part of its Watch This Space festival, which will showcase new theatre, writing and local talent.

Similar to traditional theatre, creators can use immersive digital technologies, such as VR, to bring to life amazing stories, fantastical worlds and intriguing characters, to create rich and engaging audience experiences.

Additionally, for anyone involved in theatre performances, these technologies also offer significant money and time saving benefits for important production tasks such as set, lighting and costume design and stage direction.

Developing digital skills and boosting confidence

Pete Allen, Managing Director of the Trust, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Bright Immersive Ltd to give local artists, actors and writers, and other creatives, accessible opportunities to discover more about Virtual Reality (VR) and the power and potential of immersive technologies.

“The RC Sherriff Trust is committed to advancing the arts in the borough of Elmbridge and supporting innovation. By running these workshops as part of our festival of new theatre we want to support members of the local arts community to develop digital skills and boost confidence around new technologies. We’ll also be showing how the skills and artistry of one of the oldest forms of immersive entertainment can work hand in hand with the latest.”

Bright Immersive specialises in empowering creative people – especially those without strong IT skills – organisations, and brands to unleash the power and potential of new exciting immersive technologies, such as virtual reality, to support their goals.

Culture is Digital

Last year, the UK government’s Culture is Digital report highlighted the growing audience appetite for enjoying digital cultural experiences, as well as many other benefits new technologies, like VR, can bring to communities.

But the same report, however, also highlighted the lack of digital skills among people involved in arts and culture, which prevents many artists and organisations from taking advantage of these opportunities.

Jargon-free, hands-on VR workshops

The RC Sherriff Trust partnering with Bright Immersive Ltd to hold two workshops. The first of these will take place on Saturday 19th October at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton-on-Thames.

The first workshop is a half-day event and will introduce artists and performers to the basics of virtual reality and give share ideas for how they might use it for their own projects.

The second workshop is a more in-depth two-day event taking place over the weekend of Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November, 2019 at the Barn Theatre, West Molesey, Surrey.

Geared towards adult writer, directors, performers and those teaching others these skills today, through group exercises and seminar sessions, participants of the two-day workshop will learn about how immersive technologies are transforming the future of storytelling and the opportunities being created.

For more information about both of these workshops, visit Places are limited so booking is essential (over 18s only).

To find out more about the benefits of bright immersive workshops, details fo what to expect, visit our Workshops section.

Bright Immersive workshops: Supporting your organisation's goals We can design and deliver bespoke workshops to support your organisation or business achieve its objectives. To find out more about working with us, please email: .

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