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Bright Immersive becomes first Arts Award Supporter dedicated to digital & immersive art skills

We’re thrilled to be kicking off the New Year with news that Bright Immersive is now an Arts Awards Supporter.

And we’re proud to say that we’re the first Arts Award Supporter dedicated exclusively to the digital arts and using immersive technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and the immersive web.

As an Arts Award Supporter, alongside our B2B Services, we’re offering a mobile, holistic and cost-effective way for Arts Centres, schools and colleges that run the Arts Award to offer participants on-site, hands-on training in digital arts, using the latest AR, VR and 3D animation technologies and insight.

Creating artists for a digital future

The Arts Awards programme is a fantastic UK-wide initiative that helps young people aged up to 25 to earn unique qualifications to develop as artists and arts leaders.

Managed by Trinity College, London, in association with the UK Arts Councils, nearly half a million young people have achieved Arts Awards since it was launched in 2005.

During the coming months, we will ramp up our work with Awards Centres in SE England to offer young people, from all backgrounds and abilities, who are working towards an Arts Awards (Explore through to Gold level), opportunities to develop valuable digital skills.

Through our on-site workshops, we’ll support young artists to boost their digital skills and knowledge by giving them the chance to create and exhibit their own amazing digital artwork or use immersive technologies as production tools to support other artistic disciplines, such as theatre and costume design.

Ben Wilson, Bright Immersive’s managing director, said: “Business owners and those running arts and culture organisations tell me that they need more people with both creative and digital skills. But it’s extremely challenging for educators to offer this kind of specialist training to young people because many arts leaders don’t have the knowledge to teach these skills or have the budgets to buy the right tech.

“This means that lots of young people are missing out on vital opportunities to develop important digital creative skills and access to the exciting world of digital and immersive art is limited to the privileged few.

“We’re working to change this. By taking our equipment and skills directly into Arts Centres, through our workshops, we’re want to inspire and enable more young artists – especially those without a natural aptitude for STEM subjects – to engage with these technologies to create in fun and new ways.”

Above: Sculpting in Virtual Reality is one of many simple and intuitive ways artists can create use immersive technologies.

More info

For full details of our Arts Award Supporter offering for each of the Awards categories visit: or call: 020 37732998.

Or for more details about the Arts Award and Award Centres near you visit:

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