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Are you ready for the Immersive Age?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

For the last few years, many of the biggest tech firms have been quietly working behind the scenes to prepare the world for the next age of digital communications - the immersive age.

Whether you're using Microsoft, Apple or another make of device, you may be surprised to know that much of the technology at your fingertips may already have immersive capabilities installed and lying dormant or hidden in plain sight, waiting for the manufacturers to activate them.

Immersive technology has come an extremely long way since I first wrote about 360-degree VR video back in 2016.

With 2020 fast approaching, a look at the headlines from across the tech industry shows immersive tech is high up the agendas (alongside Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain) of most tech giants, eager to take it to the mass markets, prompting the question: are you ready for the immersive age?

What is immersive?

Traditionally, the media we consume and the way we communicate is two dimensional. Whether you're reading a novel, poster, blog post or tweet; admiring a painting or photograph; watching a movie or TV show – the information you are consuming is flat and presented in a frame and from one point of view.

But immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and the latest cross-platform Web XR are changing this.

Using computing power, we can now transform flat content into 3D (volumetric) objects and produce whole digital interactive environments that either fully or partially surround us, fooling our senses and creating the illusion of an immersive experience.

The power of immersive experiences

Experiences are powerful; they affect our behaviour and shape the choices we make.

Our complex brains have evolved to help us quickly learn from our life experiences, to help us thrive and survive in a 3D world - we think in three dimensions.

By mirroring these traits, research shows that immersive experiences can achieve unrivalled levels of audience engagement, recall and influence, compared to traditional media (including social media).

This makes immersive content an extremely powerful tool and also explains why most of the leading tech brands – including: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, HTC, Intel, Lenovo, Nvidia and Samsung, etc. are all investing heavily in immersive and developing hardware and software.

Together, they are paving the way to make AR, VR and MR mass-market technologies and lead the world into the immersive age.

Get ready for the immersive age

Immersive technologies are creating new opportunities for a range of organisations and professionals across a wide range of industries and disciplines, including communications and marketing.

To find out more about how bright immersive ltd can help you and your organisation unleash the power of immersive technologies to support your goals and vision, take a look at our Services and workshops.

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