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Bright Immersive is a digital immersive specialist – not a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality app developer.

We design and create immersive experiences as tools for effective communication.

We’re here to help you create and use digital immersive experiences and content to share your messages, stories and calls to action with your audiences in the most compelling and engaging ways.

Immersive technologies may be relatively new, but the core principles of effective communication (storytelling) in a 3D space can be traced back to the earliest theatre performances and sculpture exhibitions in Ancient Greece. 

It’s our appreciation of these principles and insight pulled from many sources: the arts, psychology, marketing,  combined with our immersive technical skills, that sets Bright Immersive apart from our competitors.   

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Collaborate with Bright Immersive

Bright Immersive is the 1st UK-based company to offer dedicated and holistic immersive web design services.

Established by award-winning business communications specialist Ben Wilson, we enable organisations -- like yours -- to get ahead by taking advantage of the exciting opportunities being created by the immersive web and WebXR.

To see an example of Ben's WebVR work, check out the Bright Immersive virtual theatre tour  or see About for more background info about the company. 

Bright Immersive is proud to be part of Immerse UK, the UK’s leading immersive technology network, which ensures all our clients benefit from the latest insight from the growing immersive industry.


We’re also the first official Arts Award Supporter dedicated to developing the next generation of immersive digital artists.

What makes the immersive content special

When compared to other forms of online marketing communications, study show immersive experiences deliver:

Longer interaction times

Deeper emotional engagement

Greater message recall

Higher levels of influence