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For organisations that need to promote the magic of a unique experience, such as those in tourism or the arts and culture sectors, traditional websites and social media can be limiting and frustrating.

Flat content, such as blogs, videos and photos – including 360 virtual tours – can only give a fleeting glimpse of the unique experience your organisation offers.  

And no matter how much you spend on creating content to compete for attention, your success is always determined by someone else’s algorithm, rather than the goals that make your business grow.

Take your online communications to a new dimension; transcend time and space and bring to life the impossible for your visitors.

With a Bright Immersive web experience, the only limit is your imagination!

An immersive web experience can:

  • Supercharge your online visibility

  • Enhance your customers’ virtual experience of your brand

  • Free you up to focus on achieving the goals that matter most to you

Immersive web vs. traditional web

The immersive web (also known as WebVR or WebXR) brings a blend of powerful communication technologies directly to your web browser: 

  • The interactivity of video games

  • The 3D graphics and spatial sound of virtual reality

  • The connectivity and usability of the web

It’s the MOST ACCESSIBLE form of immersive technology available, with nothing to install and it works with a range of devices, from smartphones to the latest virtual reality headsets (for those who have them).

This is  not a new technology; it’s been around since 2017 and has been used by brands such as Disney, Sony, Ford and Toyota.

Collaborate with Bright Immersive

Bright Immersive is the 1st UK-based company to offer dedicated and holistic immersive web design services.

Established by award-winning business communications expert Ben Wilson, we enable organisations -- like yours -- to get ahead by taking advantage of the exciting opportunities being created by the immersive web and WebXR.

Drawing on his unique blend of advanced technical expertise, business acumen, flair for digital arts and a limitless drive for creativity and storytelling, Ben provides you with all of the power and experience of a multidisciplinary team for the price of one specialist.

He will collaborate with you to understand your needs and translate them into a bespoke, affordable and engaging immersive web experience, designed to help meet your goals.

To see an example of his work, check out the Bright Immersive virtual theatre tour  or see About for more background info about the company. 

Bright Immersive is proud to be part of Immerse UK, the UK’s leading immersive technology network, which ensures all our clients benefit from the latest insight from the growing immersive industry.


 We’re also the first official Arts Award Supporter dedicated to developing the next generation of immersive digital artists.

Pricing & Quotes

With packages from £1,500 (exc VAT) for a bespoke 3D immersive web experience for your business, email or call (020) 3773 2998  to talk through your requirements and request a quote.

What makes the immersive web special

When compared to other forms of online marketing communications, study show immersive experiences deliver:

Longer interaction times

Deeper emotional engagement

Greater message recall

Higher levels of influence



> You don't always need a VR headset to create immersive experiences. The Immersive Web enables us to interact with 3D worlds and objects via a browser. Use your mouse to take a closer look at the statue above, which was captured in 3D using a smartphone. Take a look at our blog post to discover more about the growth of the immersive web

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