bright Immersive empowers creative people to unleash the potential of new digital immersive technologies.

​We currently work with and support UK based:

  • Individual creators / artists / performers

  • Arts and culture organisations 

  • Innovative businesses, brands and marketing teams 

Through our work, we enable our clients to understand, access, explore and harness the power of immersive technology to support their personal or organisational goals and fulfill their creative ambitions.

Business areas

bright immersive Ltd has three core offerings, which are all aligned to enabling creative people and brands to unleash the power of the latest immersive technologies to support their goals.


We offer three services: 

Our three goals: 

Everything we do is aligned to our three strategic goals. By delivering on these we will add value to the bright immersive Ltd brand and grow. 

Create Opportunities

Provide individual artists, communities and organisations, companies and brands with new opportunities to discover and realise the potential of immersive technologies to support their goals and ambitions. 


Digital Creativity

Work with a diverse range of creative and innovative people to help them to create digital immersive experiences and support them to reach, excite and inspire new audiences.

Deliver Value

Deliver value to clients by providing holistic, expert, tailored and accessible services and training that is aligned to their ambitions and helps creates a legacy of digital skills and an immersive mindset. 

The bright immersive experience

We want to help bridge the gap by creating opportunities for creative people and brands — especially those without a background in IT — to discover the latest immersive technologies (hardware and software) and use them to support their personal or organisational goals.


Our work is aligned to three core principles that shape our clients' experience: 


Speak the language of the arts not IT 

(Keep it



Meet Ben - Founder and Managing Director

bright immersive Ltd's founder, Ben Wilson (right), is an award-winning seasoned corporate communications expert and strategist with a life-long love of technology, storytelling, writing and performing and an endless drive to be creative.

Today, these attributes come together to form the basis and values of bright immersive Ltd, which seeks to support fellow creatives, organisations and innovative brands to understand the latest immersive technologies and use them to unleash their creativity.

Check out the bright immersive's backstory and discover more about Ben and why creating bright immersive was a natural logical step.