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About Bright Immersive

We offer consultancy, design services and training to enable your business to unlock the power of AR and VR immersive technologies to supercharge communication and storytelling. 

We'll enable you and your company to discover the growing range of immersive communication tools, the benefits they provide compared to more traditional communication channels, such as video, and help you incorporate modern immersive communications into your existing communications mix.  

Image of a 3D cat in VR headset.

Everything we do is aligned to our three strategic goals. By delivering on these we will add value to our brand and support our growth. 

Create Opportunities

Enable companies and brands to realise the potential of immersive communication channels to supercharge their marketing and customer experiences.


Digital Creativity

Work with creative and innovative people to help them to discover and create digital immersive experiences and support them to reach, excite and inspire their audiences.

Deliver Value

Deliver value to clients by providing holistic, expert, tailored and accessible services and training that is aligned to their ambitions and helps creates a legacy of digital skills and an immersive mindset. 

Our three goals: 

Meet Ben - Founder and Managing Director

Bright Immersive Ltd's founder, Ben Wilson (right), is an award-winning corporate communications professional and strategist with a life-long love of technology, storytelling, writing and performing and an endless drive to be creative.

Today, these attributes come together to form the basis and values of Bright Immersive Ltd.

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