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Consultancy, design and workshops to enable creative people, organisations and brands to unleash the power of new immersive technologies to achieve their goals.

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Who we work with

We specifically work with and support UK based:

  • Innovative businesses and brands

  • ​Individual creators / artists / performers

  • Arts and culture organisations 

  • Schools, colleges, charities and societies that support digital skills education, culture and the arts.

  • Arts Award centres

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What we do

Bright Immersive offers a unique blend of expertise to provide you with a complete range of creative and design services.

We empower creative people - just like you - to unleash the power and potential of new digital immersive technologies, such as the immersive web (WebXR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), VR photography (360/180 Video), and 3D capture - to achieve their  goals and fulfil their ambitions. 


How we can help you

Demand for digital immersive augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) experiences has never been greater – and it’s growing!* 

This is opening up many new opportunities and effective ways for you to connect with your audiences.

But knowing how and where to start your immersive technology journey and how to incorporate immersive into your brand strategy, is a challenge. 

This is where Bright Immersive can help.


With a unique blend of creativity, marketing communications, 3D design and digital expertise, Bright Immersive offers you a holistic and outcome-focused approach to enable you to unleash the power of immersive technologies and achieve your goals. 

* Seeing is Believing; PwC (2019)
Waking up to a New Reality; Accenture (2019)

Picture in your mind Da Vinci's famous 'Mona Lisa'...


Then imagine stepping inside the painting, seeing the world as his model might have seen it....Now imagine having the freedom to explore Da Vinci's studio; you might flick through his notebooks or paint your own version of the famous portrait from a new angle. If you wanted to, you might even ask the great master for some painting tips. Alternatively, you could choose to throw open a window and enjoy the sights and sounds of early 16th Century Italy.

Immersive technologies makes it possible to do all this and much more!

Digital immersive experiences are sensory illusions created by either fully replacing or supplementing the information our brains use to help us understand and interact with — experience — our surroundings, with computer generated content. See FAQ for more.


Art Plunge is a VR app that enables audiences to 'step inside' famous works of art, including the Mona Lisa. 

What are immersive technologies?

Whether you're starting out in your career or a seasoned professional, we're here to help you use digital immersive technologies to achieve your goals and fulfil your ambitions.

Bright Immersive helps creatives from a range of backgrounds, artistic disciplines and abilities, from:

  • artists to architects

  • strategists to storytellers

  • marketeers to musicians

  • performers to playwrights

  • filmmakers to photographers

  • dancers to directors 

  • Plus, everyone in between!

Helping you develop skills for today and the future



Discover the power and potential of new immersive technologies for the arts. 

Let us show you the possibilities and opportunities being created by this exciting and new digital - but increasingly accessible - art form. 

Unleash your imagination and creativity like never before! 


Learn about the ingredients for creating rich immersive digital experiences - without needing to code.

Supplement your professional development or simply build your knowledge and confidence around new technologies. 

Our small-group workshops are supportive and collaborative, with something for everyone.


Supporting businesses & 


Thinking of creating your first immersive project, but don't know how or where to start?


Want to incorporate immersive content and digital experiences into your brand or business strategy?


Or perhaps you just want to know more about immersive tech, markets and future trends?


We offer expert (jargon-free) on-site and remote support to help your business or brand, identify and seize opportunities to use immersive content and technology to support your  goals or vision.

Design & Comms for 


Unique and innovative  digital immersive experiences require an equally unique and innovative approach to public relations, marketing and stakeholder communications.


Bright immersive offers a unique blend of technical, strategic and creative expertise to help you reach, excite and inspire people to become guests of your immersive experience or to particiapte in your Extended Reality (XR) project.

What makes Bright Immersive special 

bright immersive's services draw on a unique blend of skills, experience and insight from the worlds of:

  • The arts

  • IT & Tech industries

  • Business

  • Corporate communications

  • Marketing

  • ​Hollywood film and TV visual effects (VFX)

  • Video production and filmmaking 

  • Video games

The company grew out of a realisation that there is a HUGE disconnect
between the developers of immersive technology hardware and software, and the creative minds and innovative brands with the imagination and visions to develop amazing experiences using the new tech.

We want to help bridge the gap by creating opportunities for artists — without a background in IT — to discover the latest immersive technologies and use them to support their personal or organisational goals.

Our work is guided by three principles:  

  • Speak the language of creatives, not IT (avoiding IT jargon)

  • Create first, code later 

  • Collaborate don't isolate

Check out About for more background. 

What people say

Peter - Student

“A very informative and thought-provoking introduction to the world of VR, and its impact on types of entertainment.”


Let's Talk!

To find out more about our workshops and services  call us, email or use the form below.  

We look forward to hearing from you!



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